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Customs Clearance - Including European “Brexit” Cargoes!

We have the expertise and experience in the many differing areas relating to the clearance through UK Customs of import and export cargoes.

For import arrivals into the UK enlisting the services of a Clearing Agent with extensive knowledge is essential for an importer. And of as much importance is the representation which certain cargoes require to achieve the release from Port Health and DEFRA controls, Forestry Commission detains and the enquiries of other Governmental agencies and departments.

Our specialised web based software provides us with the perfect platform to handle Customs clearance on shipments arriving at all major UK ports. Utilising direct links to all of the major UK ports including Felixstowe, Southampton, Thamesport, Tilbury and Liverpool, we can handle all of your Customs clearance requirements.

Now in the new Post Brexit world we in the U.K. live and work in, we have a dedicated European Customs Brokerage team set up to look after all consignments to and from Europe. This has become and substantial part of our portfolio of business and we have further software links to the RoRo and Ferry ports in the U.K. These are; Dover, Killingholme, Immingham, Hull, Goole, Grimsby, Flixborough Portsmouth, Teesport, Heysham, Purfleet, Dagenham, Dartford & Barking.

For European movements, many customers require Transit documents to be raised and we can efficiently handle T1 documentation for any consignments needing to travel under “Transit”.

Whatever your cargo and whatever your requirements, P.F.S. can deliver for you regards European Customs formalities.

We are happy to discuss Customs tariff classifications, potential duties and taxes involved, and the import aspect of licensing control. As well as Customs clearance, we are at your disposal to directly handle any licence applications and can assist with BTI (Binding Tariff Information) rulings you may seek.

Documentation which may typically be required to achieve Customs Clearance would be as follows;

  • Suppliers Invoices and packing lists
  • Original Shipping Line Bill of Lading
  • Original Preference Certificates (GSP, EUR1, ATR1)
  • Original Certificates of Origin
  • Electronic Import Licences

Over recent years there has been a shift from Preference Certification to Preferential Origin Statements. We are clear in how to disseminate the guidance from HMRC concerning the format of the new European Origin Statements.

Often as important as the Customs clearance of a consignment, is achieving the Port Health release of the cargo being imported. In fact for the importation of many foodstuffs, liaising with Port Health and dealing with the various declarations which are required by them is the immediate priority. We have years of experience in this, and are able to handle as follows;

  • Phytosanitary & Health Certificates
  • Organic Certificates
  • CED (Common Entry Document) representation and completion
  • CHED (Common Health Entry Document) representation and completion
  • PEACH System representation and applications for Conformity Certificates
  • IPAFF’s (Import of Products, Animals, Food and Feed System)

The "Procedure for Electronic Application for Certificates from the HMI" (PEACH) system has been created for the Horticultural Marketing Inspectorate (HMI), and is used by businesses to apply for certificates of conformity. This electronic procedure is an aid to the efficient clearance of regulated consignments of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables imported into or exported from the EU under regulation 1148/2001.

See our links or our info and downloads page for more information concerning Customs, Port Health and the various Governmental agencies.

Commercial Importations – VAT and EORI Registration requirements

If you are importing goods into the UK for the purposes of selling them under a commercial operation, then you are required by HMRC to hold what is known as an EORI (Economic Operator Registration and Identification) number. Without this number, we cannot enter your cargo though the computer systems required and so Customs clearance will be impossible. The EORI number is similar to a VAT registration number. It is usually just the VAT number with 000 following it.

If you are already VAT registered in the UK it will be possible to check your VAT number to see whether Customs computer systems will recognise it as an EORI number. If not (or if you are not VAT Registered) then you need to apply to Customs (click here).

If you are bringing your own used personal effects into the UK on what is known as a Transfer of Residence (ToR) then you shall need to make an application under the new 2017 ToR procedures. Please take a look at the HMRC website on this link and contact us for further discussion;

We do recommend that you contact us to discuss these types of shipments in advance of the consignment being shipped because the ToR Relief Application has to be initiated before the cargo has departed from the overseas country of shipment and we shall need to discuss various matters regards the type of items being brought back to the U.K.